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F.A.Q.: I want to learn a musical instrument what is the best way to obtain one ?

 1st ABC Rental Scheme

1st ABC Rental Scheme offers all the flexibility pupils and teachers require. Our rental charges are among the lowest around and the choice of instruments one of the largest available.

With this scheme our aim is to offer the lowest possible monthly charge to rent a quality musical instrument. You are free to swap instrument, type, size ,make, or model as the student grows or their needs change. The only commitment you make is to rent for one month at a time, by paying a small monthly rental charge. (see table) You can return the instrument at any time minimum rental is one month. Still one of the only true rental schemes available ! The instruments on the scheme are rental instruments and are not for sale. When you have decided that the time is right for you buy you can choose from our range of discounted new and used instruments and a method to purchase of your choice. All servicing and repairs to the instrument are free  (with the exception of damage, see damage waiver) whilst you are renting Please note you are not contracting to buy an instrument when renting under this scheme, just to rent !

V.A.T. free assisted purchase scheme

This scheme allows you to save the V.A.T. on the cost of any musical instrument used by a child in an Local Educational Authority School the scheme is subject to certain conditions being fulfilled and the school operating the scheme. You choose an instrument from our discounted list and deduct the V.A.T. (written details on request.) vat free scheme

Our Classic Hire with Option to Buy Scheme

This simple scheme allows you to Hire purchase an instrument without having to commit to buying until you are completely ready to do so. The cost of renting an instrument is just 5% of its purchase price per month. The main advantage is that you get a new instrument at the start of the scheme. We require no deposit or upfront payments, the minimum rental period is just 3 month, after which the instrument can be returned at any time and your commitment ends. 

All the money you pay is deducted from the purchase cost of the instrument if you opt to buy within the first 4 months (APR 0.0%). 

Alternatively after 24 monthly payments in total, you own the instrument (APR 19.7%) You can opt for early settlement at any time and can purchase the instrument, deducting 75% of all rental payments you have made from our discount price.  When you have rented with us for 2 years you  will own the instrument.  You may at any time up grade or change the instrument and we will work out an early settlement and part exchange value (written details on request)