Mike's Music is pleased to announce our new UK VAT free instrument purchase scheme. Students can now purchase new instruments without paying VAT as well as saving money through our generous discounts. The scheme is available to those pupils in full time stat education who receive musical tuition at school as part of their curriculum, and is only available for the purchase of new instruments.


1. Customer contacts Mike's Music, and, with the help of our trained staff, selects a new instrument.
2. The school is sent the details on the special Mikes's Music order form and officially orders the instrument. Once the instrument has been ordered the parents pay the price to the school (excluding V.A.T.).
3. When we receive the order the instrument is delivered to the school with an invoice, including VAT, which is then claimed back by the school in the normal way.
4. The school hands the instrument over to the pupil in a designated teaching room.

The Procedure has been reviewed and approved by H.M. Customs and Excise and in September 1994 by the VAT office.
A number of conditions have to be fulfilled, of which the following is a brief summary.
a) The student must be in full time education at a Local Education Authority School.
b) The student must be receiving instrumental tuition from a county employed instrumental teacher as part of the school curriculum.
c) The instrument must be portable.
d) The instrument must be appropriate for the pupil's needs.
e) The instrument must be handed to the pupil in a designated teaching room.
f) The instrument must be charged to the pupil at, or below, the cost to the school (excluding VAT).

Unfortunately grant maintained and private schools are not eligible to take part in this scheme, however they can still take advantage of our Educational discounts.