Recycle and Upcycle Instruments

Mikes Music was founded as a music shop and musical instrument repair and restoration workshop in 1981.

Today Mikes Music is our music shop and Mikes Music Workshop (just a few doors along) is our repair and servicing business.

Mike has been repairing and restoring musical instruments for years and encourage people to extend the life of their musical instrument through good maintenance practice and regular servicing.

When a musical instrument is no longer required it is often sold on through one of the selling sites on the internet leading to someone buying a cheap instrument.  This can be problematic for the seller and the buyer as the expectation of the instrument’s condition and suitability are very often miss matched.

Mikes Music has launched our recycle and upcycle page, where we list part exchange and disused instruments (see below). These can be purchased in a condition you would find on a selling site with no warrantees.

Or,  for an extra cost, the instrument can be upcycled / fully restored, through Mikes Music Workshop, to playing condition.

The Benefits of Upcycling

  • Saving materials from landfill
  • Reducing what goes into landfill
  • Minimising use of natural resources
  • Celebrating artisanal work and old school craftmanship
  • Supporting local and rural industry
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Doing your bit for Mother Nature
  • Upcycled instruments may play better than new after being set up by a skilled craftsman

Most of the instruments listed are in their part exchanged state and a restoration price maybe included in the description should you want us to carry out the work.

You can purchase the instrument and book the restoration repair at a later date should you require us to carry out the work.

Contact Mike for details and enquiries.


Mikes Music is a small bricks and mortar repair workshop and retail store. The business is family run.

It is not always easy to keep up with our online business when we are very busy in the store.

If you would like to enquire about any product on our site, please phone or email me for prompt attention and a realistic delivery date (we can check with our carrier.)

You can visit the store during our normal opening hours. Please phone and check if you are coming to view a particular item you have seen on our website.

Email or call me on 07916 840260

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Showing all 6 results